The Story of Thieves

The Story of Thieves.

This story has more information from the one I’ve heard over the years, but the result is the same–thieves oil is great! We use it for many things and as a result either end up not getting sick or getting over an illness faster than others.

For example, last month some of us got sick. It used to be that when someone got really sick, the whole family ended up with it, but in our case, only 1/2 of us got sick and only 3 of us really bad. And even though the three of us had it really bad, it last only on a couple of days where other people we knew who had it, had it for a week or more.

There are over 100 uses of thieves oil and if I had my file that is on my desktop (which I will hopefully be getting back soon), I would share an easily formatted document with those uses, but since I can’t do that right now, you can contact me if you are interested in learning more or would like to order a bottle for yourself!

About notmylifetolive

I am first a daughter of the King of kings. Second, a help meet to my wonderful, hardworking husband. Third a mother to 9 beautiful girls and a handsome baby boy. I am also a Young Living Distributor.
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